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For over thirty years we have been assisting pastors in carrying out these responsibilities. At the request of pastors from around the country, we are grateful to God to be able to present Bible-centered training for individuals and churches.

Christian Research & Development (CRD) is committed to developing materials that educate and motivate people to live lives that glorify God. Our mission is to serve you by producing resources to develop church ministry, single and family life.

The program is not intended to produce counselors separate from the ministry of the church, but rather to train Christians within the church in the “how to” of counseling individuals with personal or family problems through a proper application of Biblical truths and principles. This training program in biblical counseling assists the Pastor, teacher, or Christian worker to develop a core of trained laymen and women within the church to meet the needs of the community around it.

students growing thru learning

The Lord has given pastors the responsibility...

"To prepare God’s people for works of service” (Ephesians 4:12) through biblical training so that they may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."
(2 Timothy 3:17)

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Seminars By Request At Your Location

Three Part Seminar Series - For single adults, married people and single parents.    Click for full seminar info!
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Marriage improvement - one day seminar. For married couples only.    Click for full seminar info!
Learn how to enjoy and get the most out of being a single person.    Click for full seminar info!
A weekend for lovers! For married couples.    Click for full seminar info!
For married couples only - Improve your love.    Click for full seminar info!
Learn what happens when men aspire to be leaders.     Click for full seminar info!
Learn how to be a successful parent and enjoy the single life.    Click for full seminar info!
Learn how to become a woman of great price in God's sight    Click for full seminar info!