CRD 2016 Bahamas Conference

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Attendees Enjoying Welcome Reception
Attendee - Mark Garrett
Because We're Happy
CRD Celebrating 40 Years of Service
CRD Staff - How May We Serve You
CRD Staff Saying Final Goodbyes To Hotel Staff
Deas. Washington
Donny - Lester Chillin At The Singles Banquet
Dr. Richardson - Sister Pat
Ellen - Alberta Smiling Pretty For The Camera
Hors doeuves Anyone
Mother - Daughters - Its A Family Affair
Pastor Bell -Sister Renee Bel
S. Greene - Welcome To The Bahamas Man
Attendee Shaking Off The Cobwebs To The Song Happy
Singles Having Fun - Smiling Pretty
Speakers - Deacon Dave - Deas. Marsha Salmon
Speaker - Dr. Willie Richardson
Speaker - Renee Bell
Welcome To The Bahamas!
Willie Mae Haynes Serenading The Married Couples