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Conference on Biblical Counseling

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2018 Annual Conference on Biblical Counseling
“Give Me This Mountain: Conquering the Mountains in Life”

We are praising God for another successful conference year!

This year's conference theme: Give Me This Mountain: Conquering the Mountains in Life really resonated with attendees. From the opening Pre-Conference Intensive Training Seminar (Spiritual and Psychological First Aid: The First 48 Hours After Crisis) by, Jennifer Cisney Ellers, to the closing session by Dr. Annette V. Hampton, It Takes Mustard Seed Faith to Conquer the Mountain, and everything in between, attendees were blessed and left with some practical tools and resources for counseling themselves and others.

“Give Me This Mountain: Conquering the Mountains in Life”
18 General Sessions and Workshop Titles

Following is the full listing of the session titles, speakers and information on how you can still get the training for yourself.

  • Think Different – You Can Do It by Dr. Sabrina D. Black
  • Stand Firm With Faith on the Word by Rev. Dr. Thomas Wright
  • A Steadfast Commitment to Finish Strong by Sheila Staley
  • The Gospel, the Government, and Your Freedom: Challenges to Carry Out Your Mission by Michael Geer & Kurt Weaver
  • Treatment For Those Bent Out of Shape by Pastor Haman Cross, Jr.
  • It Takes Mustard Seed Faith to Conquer the Mountain by Dr. Annette V. Hampton
  • How to Stay on the Wall During Mountains of Opposition by Anita Patterson
  • Train Up A Child by Rev. Marshall Davis
  • Body Image: How to Help the Counselee View Their Body Biblically by Sharie Neal
  • How To Remove the Mountains of Unforgiveness by Rev. Kenneth Perron
  • Aspiring Writers Want To Know by Dr. Sabrina D. Black & Dr. William R. Glaze
  • Overcoming the Mountains of Depression by Charles Neal
  • Approaching the Mountains With Faith by Deacon Leroy Baker
  • You Have Conquered, Now Cultivate by Rev. Alisha M. Tatem
  • God's Strongman Competition – How a Man Can Be a Champion in His Home by Dr. William R. Glaze
  • Caring for the Aging by Beverly Dowling
  • How to Help The Counselee Handle Their Wounds by Pastor Leontine Osuagwu
  • Resiliency: Knocked Down But Not Destroyed by Dr. Mary Lawson

Please visit our online store to download the MP3 of any or all of sessions to add to your resource library.

NBCA Milestones

Mission Statement: National Biblical Counselors Association’s mission is to advance the use of God’s Word in counseling, mobilize lay counselors for the body of Christ, and partner with professional and pastoral counselors.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to bring together people for the purpose of learning, reaching and networking regarding biblical counseling.


  • The NBCA Conference was held November 4-6, 1999 at the Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel in King of Prussia, PA
  • The National Biblical Counselor’s Association (NBCA) was started 2000, with 34 Charter Members
  • The Association had its first book published in 2002: Counseling In African American Communities.
  • The book has sold millions of copies, in different languages, and is distributed in several countries and has been re-published under a new title: Counseling For Seemingly Impossible Problems
  • Dr. Sabrina Black became the President of the Association in 2003
  • In 2011 the Spanish Explosion was born, with our biblical counseling materials being translated and taught in the Spanish communities of Bethlehem Pa, Camden NJ and Houston TX
  • In 2013 the first Hispanic class graduated from the BC classes

  • Some of the things unique to the association/conference:
  • Heart to Heart, which gives attendees an opportunity to meet with a counselor, for prayer and encouragement.
  • W.R.A.P., which provides a platform and opportunity for those looking to publish their first book.

Vernell Scott Scholarship Fund


Recipients of the Vernal Scott Scholarship will be awarded either a full or partial scholarship based on a needs assessment conducted by the Scholarship Fund Committee.

Awarded Scholarships cover the cost of the Conference Registration fee only, and do not include, travel expense, meals or hotel accommodations. Recipients are responsible for these areas of expense.


  • Individuals who are currently enrolled at the CRD Training Institute.
  • Individuals who serve in church ministries where they are caring and ministering to others.
  • Individuals who have been faithful in attending the National Conference on Biblical Counseling.
  • Individuals who serve in a counseling ministry in their church.
  • Individuals who meet the above criteria, and who have not been a recipient of the Vernel Scott Scholarship in the past.